What is TEN?

TEN is a network for therapists to receive counseling in exchange for providing counseling. By providing one hour of counseling to someone within the network you earn a credit that can be used to receive one hour of counseling from a different therapist in the network.

Who is eligible to join TEN?

TEN is for therapists. Any therapist or aspiring therapist who has a master’s from an accredited institution of Social Work, Counseling Psychology, Counseling Education, Mental Health Counseling, and Psychology is welcomed to join TEN.

What are the different groups in the network?

Currently there are two groups within the network.

Licensed therapists with an office will only be trading with other licensed therapists with an office. This will be limited to LCSW’s, LPC’s, Licensed Psychologists, and LMFT’S.

Non-licensed therapists and licensed therapists without an office will be part of another group. This will be limited to therapists who have a master’s from an accredited institution of Social Work, Counseling Psychology, Counseling Education, and Psychology. Upon receiving a master’s from an accredited institution one becomes eligible to join the network. You may fit within this category and be uncomfortable with referring to yourself as a therapist just yet. That’s fine. You are still welcome to join. In fact TEN hopes to be a significant tool in accelerating your exposure to therapy as well as practicing therapy. The feedback you will gain from your peers will be invaluable.

Why are there two groups in TEN?

The thinking at TEN is that members would be more attracted to attaining counseling from the more experienced therapists. Thus an imbalance in the flow of exchanges would quickly arise.

TEN wants your feedback on this matter and all matters. We are in our beta phase and open to a change in the grouping. TEN has contemplated eliminating groups and adding more groups such as a “seasoned therapists group” for those who have been licensed for more than 15 years.

Is each zip code a different network?

Technically no. A member in Maine is welcomed to exchange with a member in Oregon. However that is of little value to people who prefer an in person encounter locally. For the network to have local relevancy to you it has to have members in your same zip code, city, or region. So although the network is technically one, in essence we expect it will act as many different networks. People in Portland, OR are for the most part going to be exchanging services with people in Portland, OR. However if a member wants to meet with any one who is a member in any location they are welcome to do so.

Is online counseling permitted?

Yes. However the primary intent of TEN is to be a network for people to meet in person.

TEN does not have any members in my area. How will it grow to serve me?

This question affects the design and function of the website. How can the website elegantly capture the interest of potential member?
TEN is here to serve interested therapists who want the network to expand. Once we have acquire 10 members in a concentrated area we will ….